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Re: [Qt-interest] C++ or QML

Subject: Re: [Qt-interest] C++ or QML
From: Carsten Breuer
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 23:57:26 +0200
Hi brm,
hi all,

>> It would be fine if it where that easy  :-(.
>> With a delegate you can only modify the style the item is painted if 
>> it is not edited. Since the delegate creates the editor, you now have to 
>> create a custom editor and so forth. It becomes a nightmare if you also need 
>> special hotkeys.
> Sub-class the QTableWidget and you can probably do more.

I have finished the project already and it works like it
has to be. The discussion here is more about how to improve
things and the missing parts.

>> setNavigationType(int type);
>> with
>> Qt::NavigationOsDefault,
> ...
> That's not exactly an easy set to deal with, and it's not Qt's business 
> (IMHO) either.
> Vi and Emacs alone are highly programmable for movement.

Well, especially these two was not realy serious meant.
Sorry, if it doesn't become clear.

> And getting into that kind of thing would be a real hassle for the Qt guys.
> For example - differences between Excel 6, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, and Excel 
> 2010; which are you going to follow?

That's doesn't matter since any of them will do the job.
A user would identify the navigation as "Excel" regardless
of the version. There are small differences, but that is
not the matter. Call the Navigation Excel2003...no problem.

> Is it really realistic to try to make the framework follow third
> party interface of which they have no control?

Absolutely, because the habits are known.
And remeber...its an option...not more.
It has to be activated by the developer and i
think most developers will agree here.
If they don't need the feature, they dont use
it. No difference.

> The only way to provide true Excel support is to use an embedded Excel 
> spreadsheet.
> Anything else is unrealistic, IMHO.

I totally disagree. It's the job of a framework to make the life
easier and QT do this verry well. To embed excel in a cross
plattform application is worser then worse. And only for navigation?
No...this is very unrealistic, IMHO.

> I would guess two parts - delegates, subclassing (delegates and QTableView),
> and custom widgets for each cell.

I'm finished with that, it was a lot of work and
i have to subclass a lot.

> You probably want to look at QTableWidget::setItemProtocol() too

I use QTableView (model based).

> It's all a matter of the widgets, etc that you embed in the cells.
> I typically will embed QLabels into the cells to make data read-only. No 
> delegate required.
> On the other hand, you can also use QValidators to enforce that certain data 
> is the correct data.

Yes, but for editing the delegate creates an editor and so the
problem pops up again. I ends up with:


Best Regards,

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