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Re: [Qt-interest] Modeless dialog window dos'nt response to the move com

Subject: Re: [Qt-interest] Modeless dialog window dos'nt response to the move command
From: "Malyushytsky, Alex"
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 15:15:41 -0700

a)      “move” is not a command.

b)      Why do you think  “Modeless dialog window dos'nt response”? Mostly likely it is, you can’t see it cause you probably moved it out of screen..

Why would not check it in the debugger?





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Subject: [Qt-interest] Modeless dialog window dos'nt response to the move command


Hello all
im using  Modeless dialog in my application , and when i try to  use the Modeless dialog  move command from the MainWindow
the Modeless dialog didint even show up,why ? (by the way if i remove the move command every thing works and i can see the dialog when called, i try to move it to the systray era.
here somecode:
ModelessDialog* ModelessDialog= new ModelessDialog(this);
int topLeft_x = m_SystrayReq.topLeft().x();
int topLeft_y = m_SystrayReq.topLeft().y();
// the valus of x & y are just fine .

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