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[Qt-interest] Proper way to update a BLOB field

Subject: [Qt-interest] Proper way to update a BLOB field
From: David Boosalis
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 05:47:57 -0700
Using Qt SQlite I can add a record containing a blob, but unable to update a BLOB using the striing way.  I've tried something like this.

QString str = "UPDATE MyTable SET x='" + QString::number(myClass->x) +
    "', y='" + QString::number(myClass->y) +
     ", headerState" + myClass->byteArray +
      " WHERE id='" + QString::number(myClass->id));

All the fields get updated except for headState.

Perhaps I need to use place holders but I don't know how to do this

Any ideas appreciated.

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