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[Qt-interest] Reading/Writing archives

Subject: [Qt-interest] Reading/Writing archives
From: Frederic Tingaud
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 11:35:36 +0100
Hi all,

I am working on a project where users can create libraries for the
application that would be a set of file. My first idea was to read/write
a zip file (or any supported archive format) containing all the files,
renamed with our own extension. That would allow users to have a single
file to distribute and they can manipulate the file outside the
application if they really want to.
I don't want to use a QProcess with an other application and I would
rather not uncompress the file on the user's disk.
The problem is that I searched the documentation and the web and I
cannot find anybody doing something like that except for KDE with their
Does anybody have an idea on a way to achieve this?

Frederic Tingaud
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