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[Qt-interest] Translation & Linguist issues

Subject: [Qt-interest] Translation & Linguist issues
From: "M. Bashir Al-Noimi"
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 21:01:16 +0200
Hi All,

I'm working on creating a new open source portal so I need to find solutions for some Qt & Qt Creator issues, I wish to help me for finding them :-D

  1. Is there any plan or task for integrating Linguist in Qt Creator?
  2. Is there any plan or task for creating a wizard in Qt Creator for adding translations to specific project instead of manual adding?
  3. Is there any tool for adding tr() function automatically for whole strings in specific project?
  4. Currently, Phrase Book doesn't prevent duplicates! How I can fix this issue?
  5. How I can collect .ts, .po and .xlf files in single Phrase Book?
  6. Although Linguist supports .po files but it can't release .mo files! Is there any plan or task for adding this feature?
  7. Currently, all translators have to call lupdate from command line for updating the translations, Is there any plan or task for adding update action in Linguist just like release action?
Important notes:
  • Most these issues are solved in many GTK's development environments where are not exist or don't have practical solutions in Qt (ex. current Phrase Book doesn't help translators groups for working together).
  • I prefer to get answers for all my questions (sure if you can) because I'm planning to add some features to Linguist if they aren't exist or you don't have plans for them.

Best Regards
Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi
My Blog: http://mbnoimi.net
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