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Re: [Qt-interest] VNC Server

Subject: Re: [Qt-interest] VNC Server
From: Gordon Schumacher
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 01:35:47 -0700
linux newbie wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Qt on embedded ARM platform.
> I like to invoke the application with both VNC and display on screen
> as well. Is it possible to do that?
> I tried the following command, but there is no display on the screen
> ./Qt_test -qws -display "Multi: LinuxFb:0 VNC:0"

Hmm, I can't personally vouch for the dual display working, but I have
tested VNC output and it works beautifully.

Did you try the last example in the "Display management" section of the
docs?  (below:)

> Example running the VNC screen driver on top of the Linux framebuffer
> driver:
>  export QWS_DISPLAY="VNC:LinuxFb"
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