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[Qt-interest] Using Eclipse plugin on Mac?

Subject: [Qt-interest] Using Eclipse plugin on Mac?
From: Kendall Bennett
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 18:16:32 -0700
Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any luck getting the eclipse plugin to work on the Mac? Officially it is not supported, which sucks, as the Mac is my platform of choice and Qt Creator is not quite there yet. I am familiar with Eclipse as I use it for all our PHP development, so it would be nice to use it.

I have gotten Eclipse working with my builds, but the syntax analyzer doesn’t understand some stuff like the signals and slots, so I have to turn stuff off to get it to stop complaining. It would be nice if there was a version of the Eclipse plug for the Mac that supported everything except the designer (I am more than happy bringing up the external designer to edit UI files).


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