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RE: Creating a QFtp-like class

Subject: RE: Creating a QFtp-like class
From: "Scott Aron Bloom"
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 11:21:21 -0700
> 2008/10/29 Scott Aron Bloom <[email protected]>:
> >> My aim is really just to be able to do a load of stuff in the
> >> background without freezing the GUI and without having to force
> >> someone to have to think about threads. There is an article [1]
> >> making the QSql API async which looks useful. I could maybe roll
> >> the thread code into my class. Or maybe derive an async class from
> >> sync one, which seems like a nice idea as console apps could then
> >> the simpler sync class and not care about signals/slots and even
> >> have an event (exec) loop.
> >>
> >
> >
> > First, since QHttp/QFtp is async, they wont freeze the GUI, but I am
> > going to assume you know this.
> Hi Scott,
> I don't want to _use_ QFtp/QHttp, I want to implement an async class
> _like_ those.
Then start with QTcpSocket...  I recently just implement this for a NNTP


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