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Re: [Announce] QtCreator tech preview released

Subject: Re: [Announce] QtCreator tech preview released
From: Girish Ramakrishnan
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 11:09:26 +0530
Hi Eike,

Eike Ziller wrote:
> We proudly present QtCreator (formerly known as Project "Greenhouse")
> technical preview,
> a new, lightweight, cross-platform IDE for use with the Qt application
> framework!
> You find all the details, downloads, FAQ and introduction video here on
> <http://trolltech.com/developer/qt-creator>

I have been playing with this for a couple of hours now. I love it! This
is the first IDE for which Qt auto-completion just works - I included
X11 headers and auto completion for Xlib calls work. Debugging just
works. Great job guys!

I have some other feedback, I tried refreshing my newsgroup account but
it doesn't show qt-creator. Is the qt-creator list gatewayed to a
newsgroup like the rest of the lists?


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