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Re: MS ADO/Jet SQL driver?

Subject: Re: MS ADO/Jet SQL driver?
From: André Somers
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 10:26:22 +0200
"Scott Aron Bloom" <[email protected]> schreef in bericht news:[email protected]...

Please?. Don?t critisize the question  J


Does anyone know of a QSQLDriver QSqlResult code base for the Microsfot ADO/Jet database?


I don?t have a choice.. I have to use J  But I really don?t want to write the driver myself.




No, I will not critisize you, I'm in the same position. If you find one, I am interested. In the mean time, I am using ODBC to access ADO/Jet databases. That works quite well. I scan the registry to find the correct ODBC driver name on that system.






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