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Re: Why no QSqlQuery::value(QString&) method ?

Subject: Re: Why no QSqlQuery::value(QString&) method ?
From: Anders Larsen
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 13:40:21 +0100
Stephen Collyer wrote:

Is there a reason for the lack of such a method in QSqlQuery ?
I note that it exists in QSqlRecord and it would seem to be
an obvious candidate for QSqlQuery too.

My guess is that it was left out because it's just a convenience function that isn't really required, that the index based lookup is faster, and that no-one asked for it.

Subclassing QSqlQuery is a bit of overkill. You can simply use QSqlRecord::value(QString&) instead: query.record().value(fieldName).

... but if you prefer to see it in the QSqlQuery API you can submit a feature suggestion of course :-)

Anders L.

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