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Squeeze dialog to minimum size

Subject: Squeeze dialog to minimum size
From: Thomas Rock
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 19:28:14 -0600
I have a QDialog object populated with QTextEdits, QLineEdits, QListWidgets, QTreeWidgets and various buttons. When the dialog invokes, it is not at it's minimum size. I am able to grab the edge of the dialog with the mouse and shrink it to a minimum size.

How can I invoke the dialog so that it renders to its minimum size automatically, but is still resizeable?

I've tried various combinations of setMinimumSize() and setSizePolicy() with both fixed sizes and sizeHint() on both the dialog itself and its child widgets. All I've been able to achieve is a dialog the same size as before but not resizeable.

I'm using Qt 4.3.2 on Linux.



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