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Re: Squeeze dialog to minimum size

Subject: Re: Squeeze dialog to minimum size
From: "B.C."
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 01:35:10 -0800
I had the same problem with a dialog (on Windows though) but in the end I
managed using - as you said - different combinations of setMinimumSize and

The other thing I wanted to say is that it is hard figure out what is going
on without a sample ui file, so I think you should post your dialog ui file
so others can take a look at it and eventually find the right combination.

"Thomas Rock" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> I have a QDialog object populated with QTextEdits, QLineEdits,
> QListWidgets, QTreeWidgets and various buttons. When the dialog invokes,
>   it is not at it's minimum size. I am able to grab the edge of the
> dialog with the mouse and shrink it to a minimum size.
> How can I invoke the dialog so that it renders to its minimum size
> automatically, but is still resizeable?
> I've tried various combinations of setMinimumSize() and setSizePolicy()
> with both fixed sizes and sizeHint() on both the dialog itself and its
> child widgets. All I've been able to achieve is a dialog the same size
> as before but not resizeable.
> I'm using Qt 4.3.2 on Linux.
> Thanks,
> Tom

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