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Re: 4.3.0 installation failed if two comilers present

Subject: Re: 4.3.0 installation failed if two comilers present
From: Girish Ramakrishnan
Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2007 09:13:44 +0200
George Brink wrote:
I just downloaded 4.3.0 OpenSource and I am unable to compile it.
I have several compilers on my computer, usually I use MinGW and
c:\mingw\bin is a very first dir in PATH.
Configure.exe works fine and compile qmake with sole use of MinGW, but as
soon as qmake starts to generate makefiles it finds existence of Visual
Studio and does a mix of headers from GNU C and VC6. Of course compilation
of  QT itself fails.
Is there a workaround for it?
Several compilers installed on the same computer was not a problem in

Yes, this was a change in behavior (configure.exe) in 4.3 where it starts taking into account the LIB and INCLUDE environment variables for MinGW. The solution is to remove Visual Studio specific paths from the environment variables.


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