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Re: how to print QString contents - QT4

Subject: Re: how to print QString contents - QT4
From: Till Oliver Knoll
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 13:48:24 +0200
Vahe Avedissian schrieb:

I seem to be having problems printing the data contents of QString objects.

I've tried the qDebug, and printf using the dat, toAscii, to unicode, etc... 
It compiles, but at runtime I either see the first character only, or get a 
crash with
"Illegal instruction" message.

This seemed to work with QT3.x and I cannot find any documentation or examples 
how to do this correctly.

What am I missing?

The last method call to data():

  qDebug ("The string is: %s", theQString.toLatin1().data());

Note that toLatin1(), toAscii() etc. return a QCString only - from this you still need to pass along the actual char * to qDebug, with the data() method.

Cheers, Oliver
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