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Re: 4.3.0 installation failed if two comilers present

Subject: Re: 4.3.0 installation failed if two comilers present
From: "George Brink"
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 17:32:44 -0400
"Girish Ramakrishnan" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> George Brink wrote:
> > Thanks. Remove LIB and INCLUDE from environment, do full reconfigure and
> > compiled. But is not a good solution. I still like to have LIB and
> > environment variables for VC6...
> > Can you do some switch in next version for configure/qmake to
> > this behavior?
> >
> This change was made because we had many people setting the LIB and
> INCLUDE variables to point to libraries like OpenSSL and expected Qt to
> automagically pick up paths from those variables. The side effect of the
> change is that it reads in the VS libraries and include too :-|. I
> assume you have a "Open 4.3 console" shortcut, so maybe you can put
> unset the variables in that startup script?
Actualy, I do not have shortucts like that. I use a different approach: for
my projects I create 'make.bat' in main project directory which set all
neccessary environment variables and path for specific compiler, run
corresponding make (mingw32-make, nmake, wmake, etc), copy test data, run
application, run test cases, and so on...
So it is not a problem for me to deal with mix GNUC <-> VC6 since I know
what is the cause of such mix. I just did not expect it...

> We are open to changing this behavior if someone can suggest how we can
> do this better.
Well, for start, it would be nice to have a switch in configure and qmake to
use or ignore INCLUDE and LIB. It can be set to ignore for mingw users by
default. 'Configure' knows which complier it uses, doesn't it?
And it certanly would not hurt to mention usage of this environment
variables in INSTALL or README files :)

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