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Qt4.3 compiled release, app compiling debug

Subject: Qt4.3 compiled release, app compiling debug
From: BH
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 18:21:15 +0200
I used:
configure -release -static -fast
when I downloaded Qt4.3.0 for windows
It created only release version of libraries (which is what I want)

But If I specified
CONFIG -= debug_and_release
CONFIG -= release
CONFIG += debug
in my project file, meaning I want to debug my applications.
When compiling, it tried to also link with debug version of Qt, which
is not compiled. Therefore it fails.

But I need debug configuration to get debugging info into my
application. Is there any way to configure Qt to use release version
of qt libraries, but other settings as in debug (-g, -O0, etc ...)
when compiling in debug mode?

Or maybe qmake should do that automatically if Qt is configured with
"-release". :) But it does not ....

I tried looking at mkspecs, but I saw no way to change it in there.

Martin Petricek

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