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Re: D programming language bindings?

Subject: Re: D programming language bindings?
From: Petar Forai
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 18:08:21 +0200
Hello Arne!

D bindings would be _really_ nice, but there are none and the effort needed to 
produce such bindings would be quite great. The GTK binding in D is via the C 
binding of GTK (not OO/gtkmm) afair. D supports a "native" C calling 
interface, though no direct support for C++ exists.


On Friday 30 March 2007 14:06, Arne Schmitz wrote:
> I looked for a Qt binding to the D programming language, but found no
> conclusive discussion on their mailing lists. The viewpoint of the D
> developer community seems to be -- according to the ML -- to have GTK
> bindings or similar, since C to D bindings already seem to exist. Does
> anyone here know something more? Since I work at a (mostly) Qt only shop
> (and I do like it) and wanted to evaluate D, I think some D bindings would
> be pretty neat.
> Arne
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