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Re: Qt3 Qt::CopyROP in Qt4?

Subject: Re: Qt3 Qt::CopyROP in Qt4?
From: Thomas Fjellstrom
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 09:10:32 -0700
On Saturday 04 November 2006 9:00 am, Naresh wrote:
> Thanks for reply. I've found out that in Qt4 it's called CompositionMode
> (enum) but still I don't know which one I have to use instead.

Taking a look at the QPainter::CompositionMode enum, it looks as if you want 
CompositionMode_SourceOver or CompositionMode_Source.

The second one is a basic Copy operation, and doesn't allow for alpha values 
in the source or destination. The first one however will take into account 
possible alpha values given in the source, but is otherwise just a basic 

> > On Saturday 04 November 2006 8:23 am, Naresh wrote:
> > > Hi there, i'm trying to port some Qt3 code into Qt4. I've found
> > > something like this: Qt::CopyROP and i have no idea what is that? Could
> > > someone explain me what that does?
> >
> > Its an enum value for use in the blit'er (bitblt function I think), it
> > tells it to just do a 1 to 1 copy, aka: a plain blit. there are other
> > values for doing XOR, NOT, AND, etc.
> >

Thomas Fjellstrom
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