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Re: What is abstract about QAbstractItemModel?

Subject: Re: What is abstract about QAbstractItemModel?
From: "Steven T. Hatton"
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 22:14:11 -0500
On Wednesday 29 November 2006 10:55, Martin wrote:

> My experience comes from pre-4.2, so I learned things the hard(er) way.
> Haven't checked out the Interview docs of the new version (I'm still
> stuck to 4.1.5), but so far every update brought some improvement.
> What I would have found helpful is a comprehensive FAQ (as you said,
> there's lots of such questions in the newsgroup). Of course, this is not
> something typically included in a library documentation...
> Btw, the biggest trouble I had was with the proxy models, this was
> really painful (and still is sometimes, especially when it comes to
> index mapping).

I'm working with a tree model right now.  What I'm finding hard to get a 
handle on is how the model interfaces and interacts with the QTreeView.  I 
got sidetracked by the issue of creating a bulletproof tree node class, so I 
can't say I've done all the requisite homework yet.

Nonetheless, I tried to work with this a few months ago, and recall hitting 
the same problem.  I believe it would be easier for me to implement a 
concrete item model if I understood the sequence of calls the user objects 
will make when the tree is rendered, for example.  This is analogous to 
looking at the pin-out for a hardware device verses looking at a sequence 
diagram.  The interface which I described in sketch in the first post to this 
thread corresponds with the pin-out diagram.  What I don't have is something 
that tells me when methods in the interface are messaged, and what exactly 
those messages will be.

I'm currently working on a tracer node which dumps a report of every call made 
to it.

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Germar Rudolf

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