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Re: Re: Qt::DecorationRole not requested from QListView

Subject: Re: Re: Qt::DecorationRole not requested from QListView
From: "Patrick Stinson"
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 15:28:01 -0900
this was a dumb mistake. I forgot that I had swtiched to a QListWidget
and was populating it myself. oops! Yes, QItemDelegate asks for it by

thanks for the response....

On 11/6/06, Bill KING <[email protected]> wrote:
Patrick Stinson wrote:
> I have a QListView that displays data from a custom list model. Why
> doesn't the listview ask for Qt::DecorationRole?  Is there some
> attribute I have to set on the model? I want the listview it to show
> icons as it does if I set it to use a QDirModel.
> cheers!
If you're using a custom delegate, check that paint calls data
requesting the decoration role, otherwise, probably need more info, as
I'm using a QListView with custom models here with no problem at all
(and even proxy models too, that wrap existing models to portray the
data in a different form).

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