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Re: [Designer] Set a Widget's layout

Subject: Re: [Designer] Set a Widget's layout
From: "Raphaël Kolm"
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 16:06:17 +0200
All right, let's restart from the beginning !

I designed a dialog using Qt Designer and I laid my widgets in it using a QGridLayout. What I want to do, is to make this big layout wrap the window's borders, i.e. if the user resizes the dialog, the layout will resize also (there wouldn't be any margin on the right and bottom sides). But, when I select the layout, the "lay out buttons" of Designer appear disabled.

According to this, the only way I have found to solve my problem is to make that top-level layout resized at every resize event of the dialog.

I hope I made me clear this time ^^


2006/10/13, Andreas Pakulat <[email protected]>:
> On 13.10.06 16:49:45, Raphaël Kolm wrote:
> > Hey
> >
> > New issue... the layout is a LayoutWidget, which doesn't work with
> > QWidget->setLayout(). But I've found a workaround :
> Huh? I thought you were using designer? Then the code designer generates
> works perfectly, i.e. you get a proper layout if you do as I said.
> So please describe your problem a bit closer.
> Andreas
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