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Re: nttp access to this list

Subject: Re: nttp access to this list
From: Keith Esau
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 15:34:32 -0500
2 problems:

The news group is nntp.trolltech.com (no nntp://, and 2 n's, 1 t)

Make sure you enter your user name and password in the setup.

I just registered and it works in Entourage for me.


On 10-12-2006 2:42 PM, "Nathan Carter" wrote:

> I apologize for being clueless, but here's my problem:
> I'd like to use this list as a newsgroup, and I've never done that before.
> I followed the instructions on trolltech's site for get and confirming my
> newsgroup posting id and password.  Now I tell my news client (Entourage for
> Mac) about the news server nttp://nntp.trolltech.com, but it gets an
> "unknown error (-50)" trying to receive a list of newsgroups from that
> server.
> I must be making some basic newsgroup error, and feel kind of dumb.  Thanks
> for any direction you can offer.
> Nathan

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