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Re: [Designer] Set a Widget's layout

Subject: Re: [Designer] Set a Widget's layout
From: "Glen van de Mosselaer"
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 13:16:28 -0600
On 10/14/06, Andreas Pakulat <[email protected]> wrote:
On 14.10.06 16:06:17, Raphaël Kolm wrote:
> I designed a dialog using Qt Designer and I laid my widgets in it using a
> QGridLayout.

I guess to do this, you selected all the widgets and then you chose the

> What I want to do, is to make this big layout wrap the window's
> borders, i.e. if the user resizes the dialog, the layout will resize also
> (there wouldn't be any margin on the right and bottom sides). But, when I
> select the layout, the "lay out buttons" of Designer appear disabled.

Then resize the top-widget so it is larger as the grid-layout in it.
Then click on an empty area outside of the grid-layout but inside the
top-widget. Then choose the layout you want. That's all.


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To elaborate, you may have dragged a layout object onto your top window expecting that to become the window's layout. This is in fact incorrect.

You should add the widgets you like to the window, select them, and then click a layout toolbar button to add your widgets to a layout and set it on the window. The draggable layout objects are there so that you can subsequently add layouts in parent layouts (as in QLayout::addLayout()).

Hope that helps.
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