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RE: Qt 4.2

Subject: RE: Qt 4.2
From: Hadas Sandor
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 08:41:56 +0200

> Qt 4.2 doesn't not (yet?) support VC6. However, you should do yourself
> a favor by upgrading to a working C++ compiler (any newer VC will do

> If you are going to upgrade Visual C++, go to at least VC 7.1.  Skip 7.0 which
was not much better than 6.0 as far as support for C++.

We use VC6 here and I have not heard any plans about replacing that so I definitely look forward to run the stuff on that. What do you mean by saying that Qt 4.2 does not support VC6? Are there any news of discontinuing support or just a guessing?


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