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Re: Dynamic sizing of objects on a QMainWindow

Subject: Re: Dynamic sizing of objects on a QMainWindow
From: Andreas Pakulat
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 15:52:06 +0200
On 28.07.06 14:42:45, Hadas Sandor wrote:
> Actually it was my first Designer round and there was one thing which I did
> not find out.

Did you already read the designer manual in the Qt documentation? It
should explain these things.

> I drag and dropped the layout (did not hack the ui file, it
> was made all drag and drop).

Normally you don't dnd layouts, you select the widgets that you want to
layout and then click one of the layout-buttons in the toolbar (the 3
horizontal bars are a horizontal layout, the 9 squares are the
gridlayout and the vertical bars of course a vertical layout). You can
of course also select an already existing layout and some other widgets
and use another layout with them.

Designing with designer surely takes some practice, but IMHO it's easier
to begin with than trying to code the same things...

> The thing what I did not do is that there must be a right click used
> on the main window and select the layout of it, then it is ready to
> show the layouts on itself. So I dragged and dropped layouts before
> selecting a layout to the main window.

Well, right click is one way. Another is to make sure that your "top"
widget (either the qmainwindow, or if you use just a qwidget that one)
is selected and then select one of the layout tools.


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