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Re: Wrap in QTooltip

Subject: Re: Wrap in QTooltip
From: Falko Buttler
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 15:34:23 +0200
How would you generally implement this? This is a very easy to implement function. It need less space then asking for it in this interest group ;-)


Puneet Rastogi schrieb:
I'm looking for a general purpose utility function which takes a string as input and intelligently creates a wrapped around string.
If anyone has done it, let me know.


Falko Buttler wrote:
Hello Puneet,

I wrap my tooltip using "\n" in the string. For example:

QString myTooltipText = "This is a very long text which needs a line break at \n this position".


Puneet Rastogi schrieb:

I'm using customised QToolTip by overriding the maybeTip function.
But it doesn't look nice if the string is very long.

Can anyone tell me an easy way of wrapping the text shown in the tooltip?


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