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Re: qt3support

Subject: Re: qt3support
From: Andreas Pakulat
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 11:08:50 +0100
On 14.03.06 10:41:47, lopez nicolas wrote:
> I'm trying to port a soft from Qt3 to Qt4.1.1, but when i put in my file
> :
> #include <Qt3Support>
> i have a lot of mistakes like :
> /usr/qt-x11-commercial-src-4.1.1/produit/include/Qt3Support/q3table.h:121:
> erreur: expected `,' or `...' avant un élément lexical « & »
> /usr/qt-x11-commercial-src-4.1.1/produit/include/Qt3Support/q3table.h:122:
> erreur: ISO C++ interdit la déclaration de « QColorGroup » sans type
> /usr/qt-x11-commercial-src-4.1.1/produit/include/Qt/q3dns.h:82: erreur: «
> Q_UINT16 » n'a pas été déclaré
> /usr/qt-x11-commercial-src-4.1.1/produit/include/Qt/q3dns.h:83: erreur:
> classe « Q3Dns::Server » n'a pas aucun champ nommé « priority »
> I use a .mk to compil my software did i forgot to add something in it?
> Can you help me? thanks

I can't really help you because I don't speak french. Anyway, just to
make sure: Did you run the qt3to4 tool on your code? This will properly
convert all classes to their Q3-Counterparts, for those where it is


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