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Re: Qt itemviews feedback wanted

Subject: Re: Qt itemviews feedback wanted
From: me
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 11:36:34 +0100

id like to have a feature that allows to highlight a collection of items.
i remember it was a pain to change the display behaviour of a item
when i needed it for some reason from the application layer. inserting
/temporary/ items from the application (eg list merge preview) was
very complicated too. in qt3 it was insert, remember delete a item for
whatever reason. that could be a overlay model interface to the views,
that is changed neighter by the user (view) nor the data (model)

itemviews could also implement "find as you type" (type->some
inline'dialog'-> select/mark the items that match, scroll the list.)
narrow the itemlist as you type ( only show items that match a
criteria), add the logic that clips the list, when the search/filter
term is displayed
trees could remember expanded states to the next startup (like ffox or
thunderbird search)

model-data communication:
it should be possible to change the count of items during the fill
process (when data changes during model setup). using the model with
dynamic datasources was not as i expected too, but i dont realy have
some constructive opinion here.

when using trees it was not really transparent when some data got
read, that could get more intuitive too.

when debugging the itemlists i found myself constantly looking into
qlists that did not tell me what is in them. some integration in vc /
debug version of qlists (gdb) would be nice - thats off topic i think

a new itemview could be a qtextedit  composed from multiple
modelindexes and updating just the item that is current. (i know the
border is weak) this could be usefull for merged documents. or wiki
like behaviour.
the whole stuff like makeup or images etc should still be like qtextedit

anyway - just my thoughts of what i remember from my qt4 journey last
year - do whatever you like with that ideas :)


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