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Re: Qt itemviews feedback wanted

Subject: Re: Qt itemviews feedback wanted
From: Nils Jeisecke
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 12:47:07 +0100
Mmh, matter of taste I guess.

With native Mac applications there are no lines either, but the icons for "collapsed" and "expanded" are also different, so it looks good. The screenshot you've posted actually looks like something is broken. The Plastic style should be improved.

I really can understand your anger. Porting to Qt4 is hard enough, little things like the one you described are really annoying.


Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Another thing are the missing "dotted lines" on X11 that
indicate the tree structure in a QTreeWidget. Just take
a look at the "dirview" example in Qt4/X11 and compare it
to that on Windows.

Donald Carr from TT support just informed me that the absence
of these dotted lines is supposed to be a feature of Qt4's
new "plastique" style. I have to say that I find this a very bad
"feature" - I'd actually call it a "missing feature".

Please take a look at the attached screen shot, which compares
the tree view on Konqueror to that of a Qt4 QTreeWidget.
Wouldn't you agree that there's something badly missing here?

Klaus Schmidinger


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