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Re: [Qt4] Creating an app that suports plugin via Qt

Subject: Re: [Qt4] Creating an app that suports plugin via Qt
From: Andreas Pakulat
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 20:48:17 +0200
On 28.03.06 15:00:07, Thiago Santos wrote:
> But, I want to propose a Plugin System to other developers together with my
> CodeEditor, so I create a quick project LGPL with the new editor too and I'm
> sharing it with you, but please! help me solve the plugin problem :-D!!!
> I really don't need a code or something like this [of course if you want
> to... be my gest ;-) ] I just need an idea to the plugin system that works!
> Well... see the code and comment me please!

I already told you why the plugin is not loaded. It seems like you
cannot define and interface that inherits from QObject. However somebody
with deeper knowledge of how the pluginsystem works and how
runtime-opening shared libraries might shed some more light on this.


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