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Re: OT RE: Qt for game?

Subject: Re: OT RE: Qt for game?
From: Konrad Rosenbaum
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 19:01:06 +0100
On Friday 24 March 2006 15:25, Richard F. Ostrow Jr. wrote:
> Actually, I'd have to disagree.
> Difficulty of releasing a closed-source game on linux depends, just like
> in any other case, on just what libraries you use. If you use Qt, for
> instance, you need to buy a commercial license or release it open source.

As you will see soon enough: the real difficulty lies with the variations 
you find between Linux distries:

*some don't ship one or several of your libraries
*some ship different versions
*some compile them with different and incompatible compiler versions
*some even FUBAR the compiler, so the users can't even compile their kernel, 
let alone run 3rd-party apps
*some use a slightly different layout for the file system
*some use RPM
*of those only one names the packages the same way you found them on your 
*even if you support only one distribution, your users will have a variety 
of versions and patches ranging all possible combinations of the last five 
*etc.pp. ad infinitum, ad nauseam

In short you have few chances of making it:

*support only one distribution in one specific version with specific patches 
(your users will first hate you and then run away)
*link statically (if you use LGPL'ed libs you need to give your users the 
chance to re-link against a newer version - good luck convincing your 
*pack in all libraries you need and make heavy use of LD_LIBRARY_PATH
*tell your users you need LSB version X (unfortunately the Desktop module is 
not released yet, let alone being supported by any distries)

On the other hand if you release it as source, you just check that your libs 
are there and at least the expected version, then compile. No ABI 
incompatibilities. No package-dependency hell (except if you release 
binaries as well).

...not that "this program requires Windows" gives you options that are any 

...ohh, and try to release anything as source under Windows! ;-)

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