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RE: problems unsubscribing from the list

Subject: RE: problems unsubscribing from the list
From: "Dillabaugh, Craig"
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 08:55:17 -0400
Might help, but I think people would still screw it up anyways.

Maybe Trolltech could add a feature to unsubscribe people who write just
'unsubscribe' (or some reasonably close approximation for those who cannot
spell ) in the subject line, as this seems to be a very popular way to try
and unsubscribe.


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Subject: problems unsubscribing from the list

I'm really baffled at the number of people attempting to do this from this
list, but it is getting both increasingly annoying and, in my opinion,
pretty sad.

Can one of the TT members possibly propose the idea to your listserv admins
of tacking on a small tag at the bottom of sent messages to include
something like this:

to unsubscribe - send "unsubscribe" in the body to
[email protected]

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