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Re: Help installing 3.2.1

Subject: Re: Help installing 3.2.1
From: Dimitri
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 08:57:30 +0200

First off you may want to upgrade to qt 3.3.4 prior to trying to use
qt.  That will probably save you trouble in the long run.

Judging by the compiler messages and qt's docs, you're using an
unsupported compiler.  Check this page :


Actually it is supported for Qt 3.

I've removed my copy of Builder but I imagine Borland probably uses
<cstring> instead of "string.h" or something to that effect.  That
could also explain the std:: problems.

Builder certainly has string.h - if not for C++ at least for C. The fact that the compiler doesn't find the header seems to indicate a problem with the compiler installation. Are you able to build simple non-Qt C++ programs using this compiler?

You will probably want to use a supported compiler, either the free
microsoft command-line compiler or mingw.

This is Qt 3.2.1 non-commercial and it's supposed to work with the Borland compiler, not with MinGW.

It's a compiler issue, you need to fix it before proceeding further. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the Borland compiler to help fixing it. Maybe some environment variables need to be set?


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