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Re: [Qt4.0.1]Crash caused by QTableView/QHeaderView?

Subject: Re: [Qt4.0.1]Crash caused by QTableView/QHeaderView?
From: Martin Umgeher
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 14:19:10 +0200
B.C. wrote:
I tried the Qt Examples and Demos ->SQL->Cached Table and it is working
fine. I moved the cursor above the top left square, then I resized the
columns to get the empty header space on the top right side and it worked
fine. It doesn't crash when I move the cursor above it.

I also tried Qt Examples and Demos ->Demonstrations->SQL Browser, I selected
the memory database option then I run select id from movies, I moved the
cursor above the blank top header space and it didn't crash.

What platform did you try? I use Win 2k.

"Martin Umgeher" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]

Hi all,

when I move the mouse cursor to the blank area of a QTableView's header
(i.e. to the right of the rightmost column), the application crashes
with an assertion:
"visual != -1" in file itemviews\qheaderview.cpp, line 406

Has enyone else encountered this problem too?


Thanks for your reply. The problem only seems to occur on my machine (WinXP, btw); my sample app didn't crash on a colleague's computer. So the most likely reason for it is some DLL error. Solution? Get rid of everything and retry. I'm loving it.


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