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Re: QProgressBar as QTableWidgetItem

Subject: Re: QProgressBar as QTableWidgetItem
From: Mattias Nordstrom
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 15:13:43 +0300
Bo Thorsen wrote:
> Tuesday 30 August 2005 13:46 Mattias Nordstrom wrote:
>>I'd like to insert a QProgressBar as a QTableWidgetItem in a
>>QTableWidget list. What's the correct way to do this? Should I subclass
>>the QTableWidgetItem? Any examples are more than welcome ;)
> Depends on whether you're on Qt 3 or 4. On Qt 4 you should use a delegate 
> class to set this up.
> Bo.

I'm using Qt 4.

Any similar setups I can take a look at? The Qt4 documentation doesn't
have anything similar as far as I can find.


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