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Re: the picture brower works so slowly!

Subject: Re: the picture brower works so slowly!
From: Houssem BDIOUI
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 11:14:11 +0200
You always need to specify whether you're working with Qt3.x or Qt4.0
I have just one remark, you can directly load the image into QPixmap.
Maybe, this will improve a bit the speed! I 'm not sure though.

2005/7/26, nova <[email protected]>:
hello everybody:
               I'm writing a picture browser now.   The course of drawing is that:

->1.get the picture's filepath
->2.constuct QImage image(filepath)
->3.covert the image to QPixmap
->4.draw the pixmap on a widget.

       The brower works well when the picture's size is small.but if the format of the picture is jpg,and it's size is bigger than 1m, the brower works so slowly.
I found that decompressing the jpg coast so much time. can any one telling me a good method for solving this problem?
               thanks a lot!

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