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Re: QSockets

Subject: Re: QSockets
From: "Harsimrat Thukral"
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 09:51:42 -0500
There would be total 6 computers in the Network....

1) We have a topology which have information of the IP addresses and which 
computer gets connected to which, something along these lines.....

Node1IpAddress    Node2IpAddress    Capacity   10    20    15    20   10   30    25   18    10   20   30

Basically these are the real IP addresses of the the computers........

Suppose I bring up the application on it is supplied 
with the Topology above ..... Now this guy knows he is connected to, he checks that if that program is up, if yes try to pass 
the topology to that guy, if down keep checking his neighbours and as soon 
as they come up pass the Topology. Now topology is passed, it 
will start checking its neighbours and pass so on, once the complete network 
is up all Nodes should be synchronised with the same information...........

Now I do some computations on, the original topology is 
changed so I want that that new Topology is passed on the Network through 
the above mentioned way and all the nodes are synchronised again, some Hello 
Packet kind of thing is sent maybe every 30 secs.........

Please suggest what is the best way to do it. I m using QT to do everything 
so wanted to use QSockets to do this part also..........

Thank You

"Juan Rosell" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]
>I think what you're looking for , is a protocol which does not depend 
>whether you use QSocket or not.  We maybe should know something more about 
>your network. Do all computers know which is the number of computers 
>connected to the network? Or is it a dynamic network where computers can 
>connect or disconnect as they will?
> As you explained it, it looks like a token passing network but maybe you 
> should give more information about the type of messages you'll use and so 
> on....
> Regards,
> Juan.
> Harsimrat Thukral wrote:
>>Dear Developers
>>I'm working on a project which used QT and finished 60% with all your guys 
>>support and help. I started with zero knowledge in QT, still a beginner 
>>I have a program, which will be put on 6 computers. There is no server and 
>>all the clients will act as server and client......
>>Suppose If I open the program and pass some files to that program....I 
>>want all 5 other computers should be able to fetch that file from the 
>>first one.......
>>If first one goes down, some machine maybe second computer starts acting 
>>as the main hub and all the information is updated on all the machine at 
>>regular intervals.....maybe every 30 seconds all 6 machines get 
>>synchronised......if I bring 5 machines down......and one will perform 
>>certain actions and as soon as some other comes up it should pass the 
>>What is the best way to do it using QSockets........Little bit piece of 
>>code will be good.....
>>Thank You
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