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Re: QT and Pdf

Subject: Re: QT and Pdf
From: "Alex B."
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 19:42:42 +0100
Katie Lucas wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 20, 2005 at 11:30:01PM +0100, Alex B. wrote:
>> Thank you Dmitry,
>> I will look at kghostview for dcop
>> I have tried to learn how to use kpart but I didn't find how exactely to
>> do it. Have you any good reference ?
> KGhostview is a wrapper around an underlying program; ghostscript.
> Ghostscript specifically supports converting the PS document into
> "other formats" which are useful for other programs. Trivially, it
> will create an X11 bitmap which it sends to stdout. Use a QProcess to
> launch it, gather the output, put it in a window. This is what almost
> all UNIX postscript handling systems do; including XV, Image Magick
> and Ghostview.
> It should be fairly easy to chain "gs" and "imagemagick" in such a way
> as to generate pretty much any format you need.

This is a very good idea. 
Here is also how you can directly convert the page number [n] to a jpg file
for example. (Just so that others can profit)

localhost>convert "file.pdf[0]" file.jpg

Maybe there is a better way using gs but I personnaly didn't find

Thank you


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