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Re: Translation on the fly

Subject: Re: Translation on the fly
From: Bo Thorsen
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 16:43:03 +0100
Fredag den 18. februar 2005 16:08 skrev Dmitrii Dimandt:
> Ok, one possible answer was found here:
> http://doc.trolltech.com/qq/qq08-swedish-chef-sequel.html and, I
> guess, nothing can be done about it, really

The application I'm currently working on also needs this.

There is a way to change Qt to do this dynamically - the tr should then be 
changed from an immediate translation, to a saved translation which 
always holds the original string. So when the user changes the language, 
it can actually re-translate the string.

However, I think there are too few applications out there that does want 
to switch on the fly, to justify the added overhead of this. So I just 
live with having to code my way around it, and won't really consider 
asking the trolls for an implementation of this.



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