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Re: getting toolbar's that look like windows inside the app

Subject: Re: getting toolbar's that look like windows inside the app
From: denys
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 02:35:46 +0100
Jeremy Villalobos a écrit :

Hello: This is my first post, so if there is another mailing list that covers the basics of qt, please point me to it. Looking at the QT Designer, one can see that the main window of QT designer has window inside of it. the window where the code and user-maid-dialogs are part of MDI. But the windows where the toolbox ane de Object explorer are are other kind of window. How do I make those windows? Is is a requiredment to make a MDI to have those types of toolbar-windows?

Thanks for any help

First, this is the best place to post question about Qt for all skill levels. You can learn a lot by reading and asking on this list.
If I understand correctly what you're trying to say, you can download
then take a look on chapter 6 and subchapter "Dock windows", and no it's not a requirement, but a really practical UI design. Looking at this book will answer many of your beginner questions... (I'm currently reading this book and it is really well written)


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