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RE: looking at QStrings in debugger

Subject: RE: looking at QStrings in debugger
From: "Jay Wolfe"
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 12:03:05 -0800
> Hi,
> when installing Qt you can select an option "integrate with IDE". Qt
> then writes some code into
> <VS installation folder>\Common7\Packages\Debugger\autoexp.dat
> that should make visible the contents of QStrings in normal watch windows.
> At least in my installation (Qt 3.3.3), that code is placed at the wrong
> position of the file where it doesn't have an effect. To correct it, the
> code block beginning with "; Trolltech Qt" must be moved a few lines
> upward into the section [AutoExpand].
> Have a nice day!
> Gert

Hi Gert, and thanks for your reply.  The curious things is I can see the
QString and it's members, but none of it's members resemble the text
actually contained in the string.  I will definitely try the [AutoExpand]
thing ... which file does that appear in?

thanks again,


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