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Re: slot receives wrong value

Subject: Re: slot receives wrong value
From: "David BEAUGRAND"
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 10:36:34 +0100
I read an interesting thing (I was not aware of 'til now....) in the
In "Using the meta object compiler" it is written:
" Multiple inheritance requires QObject to be first
If you are using multiple inheritance, moc assumes that the first inherited
class is a subclass of QObject. Also, be sure that only the first inherited
class is a QObject.

    class SomeClass : public QObject, public OtherClass {
(This limitation is almost impossible to remove; since the moc does not
expand #include or #define, it cannot find out which one of the base classes
is a QObject.) "

As you wrote that your class was derived from Manager but also from Action
without explaining how,
maybe you should think about that.


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