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Re: VC-questions

Subject: Re: VC-questions
From: Keith Sabine
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2004 19:09:02 +0000
Alexander Carôt wrote:

Hi to all,

I used to program with Linux only, recently went to Windows (VC) -
everything installed fine - and have some questions 'cause I'm a real newby
with it :

1.) Is there a way to run everything in the shell as it is with Linux (i.e.
there's no make / what to run instead ?) ?
There's nmake which you can run from a cmd window.

2.) Using the VC-IDE I created a dsp-project from my pro-file. With this I
could compile the code properly but got a another problem I cannot handle.
(see below) :

Looks like you're using VC6, have you got the latest service pack installed? The
original release was quite prone to crashing.

-  Keith

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