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Re: OpenGL examples show blank black widgets (solved)

Subject: Re: OpenGL examples show blank black widgets solved
From: Dimitri
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 14:35:40 +0100

What of you try with the Nvidia closed-source drivers?

Ok based on your advice, I installed the closed source drivers (the .run file from nvidia) and basically the x server didn't run at all. In the X server's log, there was a weird signal 11 error that I've never seen before in my life.

Something must have gone wrong during installation. Maybe you missed part of the installation process. As far as I can remember there's more than simply running the *.run file.

But then, I installed back the nvidia packages, and it WORKED!

Then it probably has something to do with the drivers.

But the thing is, old executables don't work. If I recompile them now,

How don't they work?

they work. Isn't it interesting?? Probably a library file was corrupt or something?

It's hard to tell. Anyway, my experience is that you have to use the closed-source Nvidia drivers and libraries for serious OpenGL use.


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