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Re: changing the position of helpbutton in QTabDialog

Subject: Re: changing the position of helpbutton in QTabDialog
From: Keith Sabine
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 18:50:18 +0000
Umesh Kumar wrote:

I m new to this QT.I have one Query regarding changing the position of HelpButton in Tabbed Dialog .
I did the follwing:
I deraived a class from QTabDialog.
inside the constructor i have added the ok,cancel and Help by setOkButton(),setCancelButton and setHelpButton() respectively.
after that i have added 2 tabbed widget.
Now dialog is showing with tabbed widgets.
Now the problem is at the right side bottom of this tabbed dialog,the buttons are shown in the Ok,Help and Cancel order.. But i want the help button on left side bottom of the dialog and ok and cancel are on the right siode bottom.
Can anyone reply with the solutions.

QTabDialog has limited functionality. If you want something different, create a dialog and instanciate a QTabWidget and a QHBoxLayout containing buttons of your choice.

- Keith

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