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Maximum disk size on a Shark

Subject: Maximum disk size on a Shark
From: Richard Earnshaw
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 23:37:37 +0000
Does anyone know if there's a limit on the size of disk that the shark
firmware can support?

I recently bought a 80G laptop drive to put in it, but the firmware
doesn't seem to be able to see it, and NetBSD install kernel can't find
it either (I think it just asks the OFW code).

I know that the cabling is OK (it can find a smaller laptop drive that
I've 'borrowed' from my netwinder), and I know the drive is OK (if I
plug it into a PC using the same cabling as I use on the shark then it
can find it as well); so have I bought a (small) brick?


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