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Re: Package binaries for NetBSD/arm 4.0 / pkgsrc-2008Q1

Subject: Re: Package binaries for NetBSD/arm 4.0 / pkgsrc-2008Q1
From: Havard Eidnes
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 23:22:57 +0100 CET

I've uploaded the rest of the results of a bulk rebuild for
NetBSD/arm 4.0 to


This latest update consisted of 321MB of packages, completing
this for a total of 3.9GB of binary packages, for a total of 4954

The source tree this was built from was updated 6 Jun 2008, and
the packages were built on a NetBSD/shark system running 4.0.

In the case of ec-fonts-mftraced, I admit to having cheated, and
put a doctored package in place, since there's no MD binaries in
that package.  However, the program which generates the fonts in
this package is floating-point intensive, and therefore not
exactly the best match for a shark with no floating-point unit.
When I had to power the build host off for a local power outage,
it would have had to start from scratch.

This particular build was done natively, the next one will use
distcc, will use as many binary packages as possible from this
build, and will be based on the pkgsrc-2008Q3 branch.


- Håvard

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