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RE: adding data to a file before it gets regexed

Subject: RE: adding data to a file before it gets regexed
From: John Moon
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 12:05:42 -0400
Newsgroups: perl.beginners

From: Pat Rice [mailto:patrick.j.rice@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 11:14 AM
To: Andrew Curry
Cc: Chas Owens; beginners@xxxxxxxx; rcoops@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: adding data to a file before it gets regexed

thanks all for the replies, I'm trying to parse log files.

so I got a bunch of logs in a directory, put them together and then
them, I'm trying to keep a reference of the log files, so I know what
they came from, as I'm need to keep the file name to put it in to a

I think from what people are suggesting I will have to use hashes, is
any good example log file perl scripts out there? or a good site ?

as I'm trying to take the logs that I find interesting and then display
on a web page using html templates

Thanks for all the help

Here's a "way" ... Hope this gives you some ideas...

SUN83-PRODWEB>more ~/foo
#! /usr/local/bin/perl
use strict;

opendir HERE, '.';
my %logs;
my $logs_total;
while (my $filenm = readdir HERE) {
        $logs_total++ if $filenm =~ 'log$';
        next unless $filenm =~ '^access_sun83.*log$';
        open LOG, $filenm;
        my $cnt;
        while (my $logdata = <LOG>) {
        close LOG;
        $logs{$filenm} = $cnt;
close HERE;
printf "There are %d logs HERE\n", $logs_total;
printf "I processed %d logs\n", scalar(keys %logs);
foreach my $filenm (sort keys %logs) {
        print "There are $logs{$filenm} items in $filenm\n";

SUN83-PRODWEB>~/foo | more
There are 891 logs HERE
I processed 141 logs
There are 49 items in access_sun83.20070314.log
There are 172 items in access_sun83.20070315.log
There are 25 items in access_sun83.20070316.log
There are 144 items in access_sun83.20070319.log
There are 124 items in access_sun83.20070320.log
There are 47 items in access_sun83.20070321.log
There are 131 items in access_sun83.20070322.log
There are 29 items in access_sun83.20070323.log
There are 16 items in access_sun83.20070325.log
There are 63 items in access_sun83.20070326.log
There are 51 items in access_sun83.20070328.log
There are 52 items in access_sun83.20070329.log
There are 84 items in access_sun83.20070330.log
There are 66 items in access_sun83.20070402.log
There are 129 items in access_sun83.20070403.log
There are 313 items in access_sun83.20070404.log
There are 215 items in access_sun83.20070405.log
There are 65 items in access_sun83.20070406.log
There are 100 items in access_sun83.20070409.log
There are 73 items in access_sun83.20070410.log
There are 252 items in access_sun83.20070411.log
There are 114 items in access_sun83.20070412.log
There are 105 items in access_sun83.20070413.log
There are 11 items in access_sun83.20070415.log
There are 90 items in access_sun83.20070416.log
There are 109 items in access_sun83.20070417.log
There are 96 items in access_sun83.20070418.log
There are 97 items in access_sun83.20070419.log

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