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[Pan-users] Re: Import from Old Version

Subject: [Pan-users] Re: Import from Old Version
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 08:45:04 -0400
On Sun, 22 Jul 2007 08:58:30 +0000, Duncan wrote:


> Seems a reasonable approach to me.  FWIW, note that there's nothing from 
> pan's side keeping you from having both old-pan and new-pan installed 
> together on the same computer -- you just have to rename one of them.  
> That's actually what I did here.  Before I upgraded to new-pan, I renamed 
> the old-pan binary to pan.14.  Then the old package was removed when the 
> new one was installed, but I still had the binary around, and it still 
> worked.  That way, I can keep both running, in case someone has questions 
> I need to load it up to answer, on the old version still.

I like this idea, but I am upgrading from FC4 to FC7, and intend do a
clean install of FC7.  I would therefore have to do something like
   "yum install old-pan"
How can I do this?


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